Before we started this journey, we needed to know that we weren’t just building another church in Marietta that occupies space in the city. We are convinced that a church that runs to the darkest, dirtiest, and most depressed parts of the city, uttering a message of hope and life, is what is desperately needed. This message straight from Jesus Himself says, "I made you, I love you, and I BELIEVE IN YOU!"  It is a message that says no matter what you’ve done or where you’ve come from, you have unlimited potential through Jesus. We believe this is a message Jesus has called our church to carry and use to bring life to our hearts, homes, city and world -- that He Believes in Us! So simply put, if God could say one thing to the City of Marietta, we think He would say: I BELIEVE IN MARIETTA!

Please check out the video below to connect more with the heartbeat of our church.