City Church Marietta began in September of 2015 as several families sensed Jesus calling them to "make a play" and plant this church. We believed this church needed to be planted right in the heart of Marietta, to speak life and belief into our city. Since then, Jesus has invited us on an amazing journey into four specific areas of life. The highest priority of the Church is reaching the WORLD with the love and grace of Jesus. We believe the best place to start is in the CITY. He has called us to live. Bringing the name of Jesus to our city and world requires a gathering of people that produces change within our HOMES, that is only possible if Jesus first changes our HEARTS. Having these four areas in view, we believe Jesus has called us to join Him in bringing life to the broken places in our hearts, homes, city and world.


BEcause of his calling, we commit to...


Changed lives.

Being changed by the Gospel as the norm, not the exception.


authentic community.

Becoming who Jesus calls us to be, with Him and each other.


courageous faith.

Living by faith, not by sight.


loving people.

Loving all people with both truth and grace.



Investing our lives into the future generations of the church.


the process.

Jesus is concerned with where we're going AND who we're becoming.


expectant worship.

Expecting to meet with and hear from Jesus when we gather together.

make it count.

Living for the Name that matters most because earth is not our home.


“If people can’t see what God is doing,

they stumble all over themselves; But

when they attend to what he reveals,

they are most blessed.”

— Proverbs 29:18