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Growth Survey

If you’ve been in attendance with us throughout the last few months, you’ve probably noticed the growth taking place at City Church. It’s an exciting time for sure! At the same time, our current space definitely has its limitations. In the main gathering space, we have 225 seats currently available for adults. We also have room in the lobby for our families with young babies to sit 20-30 people.

With that in mind, since December our weekly adult attendance average has been 210 per Sunday.  In January, we also hosted our first Welcome to City Church environment for new guests, that was attended by close to 40 new people. As we look ahead, our Staff and Elder Teams are prayerfully considering next steps for our church body, which is where you come in!  One of the potential changes we see on the horizon is a transition to add a second service time. This could help us both alleviate the current congestion some may be feeling, while also create more room for others to attend in the future. In the brief survey below, we’d like to hear from you, to know whether or not you believe a change like this is necessary, as well as feedback on the potential service times, how you could help us in the transition, and more.

Thank you for taking the time to offer your perspective on all of this. We can’t wait to see how Jesus continues to bring life to the broken places here at City Church Marietta!


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