uniting with our city to make JESUS known


If God could say one thing to the City of Marietta, we believe that one thing would be "I BELIEVE IN MARIETTA." We believe the Cross of Christ alone speaks all the belief and life into us that we could ever need. Our desire, then, is to partner with people and organizations that are breathing life into the broken places in Marietta. A key step for us accomplishing this is to serve our city.

Upcoming Events

April 24th

Option 1: KNS Lunch Prep & Pray

At this location, we will be preparing lunches for the families and staff. Volunteers could be responsible for food preparation, praying, etc. This is a great location if you have children that would like to serve and/or attend.

Location: 57 Merritt St Se Marietta, GA 30060

Option 2  |  The Zone

The Zone
We absolutely love The Zone, a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) here in Marietta! The Zone is  an incredible place that offers support to those in long-term recovery  and re-entry from substance use. Our church has provided a variety of  basic, tangible needs to their facility and we're incredibly grateful  for who they are and what they do for the broken and hurting in our  city. On April 26, we will continue to help them around their facility.

Location: 32 Fairground St NE, Marietta, GA 30060