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Bringing life to the broken places in our hearts, homes, city and world.


If God could say one thing to the City of Marietta, we believe that one thing would be "I BELIEVE IN MARIETTA." We believe the Cross of Christ alone speaks all the belief and life into us that we could ever need. Our desire, then, is to partner with people and organizations that are breathing life into the broken places in Marietta. A key step for us accomplishing this is to serve our city.

With this in mind, we believe the Lord has led us to serve and partner with three specific groups here in Marietta. We have provided some basic information about each of these partners below. 

The Zone

The Zone is a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) that mobilizes resources within and outside of the recovery community to make it possible for the recovery population to find long-term recovery. The Zone, its leaders, and members have a singular goal: enhancing the quantity and quality of support available to people seeking and experiencing long-term recovery from addiction. The focus is on the “solution” not a particular service or model of care. They meet people where they are and support all pathways to recovery. The Zone was the first partner the Lord led us to when we first began the church in 2015.

KNS Early Learning Academy

KNS seeks to provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for infants, toddlers, preschool and school-age children. Their goal is to support children’s desires to be lifelong learners and achievers. We have partnered with KNS in a variety of ways since 2020.

First Care Women’s Clinic

First Care provides free and confidential medical services to men and women who think they may be pregnant or are sexually active. This new partnership was formed in 2022.

Upcoming Events

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