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England 2024

Bringing life to the broken places in our hearts, homes, city and world.

This summer, City Church will be sending a team to serve in England. If you’re wondering what this trip is all about and how you can get involved, please see below for several key details.


When: May 24th - June 1st


Where: Hatfield, England (about 20 minutes north of London)


Purpose: This team will have the privilege of leading a day camp for middle and high school age students alongside our YoungLife Partners in England, Michael and Beth Ann Hunter. Many of the students we will serve do not know Jesus or attend church in any capacity, so the opportunity is incredible. We will also provide support and encouragement to those currently serving in this city throughout our time there.


Prayer Needs: The most important way you can support this team is through prayer. We invite each of you to please pray for the following as we train and prepare for what’s ahead:


1) Team unity.

2) Hearts and minds that are open to what Jesus wants to teach and reveal to us.

3) Willingness to serve others.

4) Open doors for the Gospel once we arrive.

5) Patience and humility as we navigate the uncertainty of global travel.


Cost: The total cost per person is $2,500. This covers airfare, food, supplies, lodging, and a camper sponsorship. Each person on the team is responsible for raising this amount.


If you’d like to support our team financially, the easiest way to do this is by donating here. All gifts given here are then dispersed into the overall team’s account. If you prefer to give a check, please make it out to City Church Ministries, Inc. and mail it to 176 Roswell Street, Marietta, GA 30060. All gifts are tax-deductible. 

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