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England Trip 2024




When: Friday, May 24th - Saturday, June 1st (2024)


Where: Hatfield, England (about 20 minutes north of London)


Purpose: This team will have the incredible privilege of leading a day camp for middle and high school age students alongside our YoungLife Partners in England, Michael and Beth Ann Hunter. Many of the students we will serve do not know Jesus or attend church in any capacity, so the opportunity is incredible. We will also provide support and encouragement to those currently serving in this city throughout our time there.


Cost: The total cost per person is $2,500. This covers airfare, food, supplies, lodging, and a camper sponsorship. Each person on the team will be responsible for raising this amount. Each team member must pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 after the first meeting.


Training: Prior to departure, there will be six training sessions that all team members must attend. These training sessions are critical for the preparation and unification of the team prior to the trip. Training meetings will take place on Sunday afternoons from 1:30-3:30 PM, beginning January 7th. If you foresee your attendance at these training meetings being a conflict, we interpret this to mean this probably isn’t the best season for you to be applying for this trip. 


Given all of this information, click the blink below if you would like to apply for the team. Please note that there is a limited capacity for the size of this team. Preference will be given to City Church Marietta attenders if the capacity size for the team is exceeded. Applying for this team does not guarantee that you will be a part of the team and you may be asked to interview. The team will be notified of their approval to move forward once the application deadline has passed. The deadline to apply is Sunday, December 3rd.


If you have any questions, please contact Eugene Fidell at

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